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Wirral Woof Pack – SBS Winner

I was honoured to be chosen as one of Theo Paphitis’ SBS Winners in April 2021. Small Business Sunday otherwise known as SBS was set up by former Dragon Den Star Theo Paphitis to help shine a spotlight on small businesses and letting them join a exclusive community to communicate with other like minded small business owners.

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Meet The Blogger

So I’ve been trying to bring this blog to life and thought it would be nice if I could do a bit of an introduction to myself by completing a 20 questions blog survey for you all to get to know me better through my answers. I hope you enjoy this post and get to know me a little bit better through it.

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The World According To Bob by James Bowen – Book Review

So I hadn’t really planned on reviewing books on this blog so I am keeping it pet related but since I have 2 years of experience of being a book blogger, I thought I would keep it up as I am enjoying it and it is an easier way of easing myself back in to writing more.

The World According To Bob is the second book in the trilogy of James Bowens ‘A Street Cat Named Bob’ books you can read my review for the first book in the trilogy by clicking here. It follows directly on from the story of A Street Cat Named Bob but I wouldn’t necessarily say that you have to read these books in order. They are easy to read books and Bowen without repeating the first book does a brief recap. The World According To Bob tells the story of how the events during the first book have shaped his life after happening. I find it very interesting delving into someone else’s life whilst reading a book and seeing the world through someone else’s life which is why I chose to read these books in the first place. Obviously being a cat lover also played a part in that decision too.

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New Year’s Resolutions 2021

Whether you love or hate New Year’s Resolutions, it is finally that time of year. For as long as I can remember I’ve always made at least 5 Resolutions each year, but I can’t tell you whether I managed to keep them or not. On January 22nd, it is the one year anniversary of opening this business and I think that is definitely one of my favourite accomplishments that have came out of 2020. Other than that and a few personal things, not much else happened during the year, and I won’t be sad to see the end of it as I’m sure many of you understand.

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Keeping ALL pets cool in the heat.

The UK has been hit with another load of heat waves, one after another. If you are anything like me, you’ve been peeling yourself off your furniture and panting like a dog. Speaking of dogs. How are our pets dealing with this heat? After a recent conversation with some fellow pet business people over Twitter, we realised there was a lot of content being shared around about dogs in the sun, but not much regarding other pets such as cats or rabbits. As a cat and rabbit owner I hoped I could shed a little bit of light and inspirational tips on the subject to help you all keep your pets cool in the Summer.

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